Premium Hearing Aid

Model:DSL ND 90
Aid Placement:BTE/ITC/CIC/IIC
Number of Channels:20 Channels

Experience the Ultimate in Hearing with the DSL ND 90

The DSL ND 90 hearing aid sets a new standard in premium hearing technology. This advanced device is designed for individuals with severe to profound hearing loss and delivers unmatched sound quality, comfort, and features.

Revolutionary Hearing Experience:
The DSL ND 90 provides a revolutionary hearing experience, allowing you to hear sounds you may have missed.

Improved Quality of Life:
The DSL ND 90 provides clear, natural sound, improving your quality of life and helping you stay connected to the world.

Personalized Sound Settings:
The DSL ND 90 offers personalized sound settings that allow you to customize your hearing experience to suit your unique needs.

100% Digital Processing:
Experience precise sound processing and optimal performance with advanced digital processing technology.

20 Channels Processing:
Use twenty processing channels to customize your hearing experience with fine-tuned adjustments.

Tinnitus Noise Reduction System:
Find relief from tinnitus symptoms with a built-in noise reduction system designed to minimize ringing or buzzing sounds.

Noise Block Processing:
Enhance speech clarity by effectively reducing background noise with noise block processing.

Whistle Block Technology:
Eliminate feedback whistling for uninterrupted listening with whistle block technology.

Wind Block System Management:
Maintain clear sound quality with wind block system management in windy conditions.

Speech in Noise, Better Speech:
Improve speech understanding in challenging environments with speech-in-noise technology.

Comfort in Noise:
With advanced noise management features, stay comfortable in noisy situations.
Omni Directional Microphone:
Capture sound from all directions with an Omni Directional microphone for clarity in various environments.

Speech and Noise Management:
Optimize speech intelligibility with effective speech and noise management features.

Sound Softener/Sharper:
Personalize your listening experience by adjusting sound softer or sharper according to your preferences.

Real Speech Understanding:
Enjoy clear and natural speech perception with real speech understanding technology.

Water Resistant:
Stay protected against moisture and sweat with water-resistant construction.

High-Quality Tinnitus Masker:
Experience high-quality tinnitus masking to relieve tinnitus symptoms effectively.

Feedback Management:
Minimize feedback and improve comfort with feedback management technology.

Battery Low Signal:
Stay informed about battery status with a low battery signal indicator for uninterrupted usage.

Echo Block System:
Enhance sound quality by reducing echo with echo block system technology.

5 Accessible Programs:
Choose from five accessible programs to tailor your hearing experience to your preferences and needs.

Advanced TRT System for Tinnitus:
Benefit from an advanced TRT system explicitly designed for management, offering personalized treatment options.

Feedback & Real Ear Test:
Ensure optimal performance with feedback and real ear test capabilities, allowing for precise adjustments and calibration.

Why Choose
DSL ND 90?

Unmatched Sound Quality

The DSL ND 90 offers unmatched sound quality that is clear, natural, and distortion-free.

Supreme Comfort

With its ergonomic design and customizable fit, the DSL ND 90 is supremely comfortable.

Automatic Sound Optimization

The DSL ND 90 automatically optimizes sound quality for different listening environments, ensuring you always hear your best.

Extended Battery Life

The DSL ND 90's rechargeable battery provides up to 24 hours of use on a single charge, allowing you to enjoy extended performance.

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Customer Reviews

"The DSL ND 90 has transformed my hearing experience. I can hear nuances in speech and music that I couldn't hear before."

"I'm amazed by how comfortable the DSL ND 90 is to wear. I can wear it all day without any discomfort."

"The sound quality of the DSL ND 90 is exceptional. I can hear clearly in any situation, whether I'm in a quiet room or a noisy restaurant."